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Coastal Ride Campsite Information



Outdoor camping (included in the registration fee) during the Coastal Ride is available for all participants who want to sleep in a tent for the weekend.  Camping is typically situation along the waterfront areas of our Host Towns offering great views and nice cool, refreshing breezes.  The camping areas are tyipcally located on residential areas or town parks.

The close proximity of the camping areas to downtown and the many local restaurants and shops is what makes our Coastal
 Ride campistes so attractive.  Most everything is within walking distance so plan to park your car and hang out! Reservations are not needed to utilize the outdoor camping option.   

Portable bathrooms will be provided at the camping areas throughout the weekend.  Depending on the location, there may be some permanent indoor bathroom facilities available.  Shower trucks will be available during the weekend to offer participants a good hot shower each night and morning.  The shower trucks come with sinks and individual shower stalls and changing rooms. 


Indoor camping (included in the registration fee) is available if you choose to sleep indoors for the weekend.  Indoor camping typically consists of laying a sleeping bag and mattress/pad on the floor of an open room/gym.  When possible, indoor camping is located at or near the outdoor camping area(s). In some cases, the indoor camping area may be up to 1 mile away from the main outdoor camping location.  Indoor camping is first come first served and space may be limited.  Depending on the indoor camping facility, there may be bathrooms and showers available.   

RV/Camper Parking:

RV's and campers have been welcome at the Cycle NC Coastal Ride.  This will continue for the 2018 Cycle NC Coastal Ride.  Typical Coastal Ride RV/Trailer parking is located at vacant lots or public parking areas in the Host Town.  Electricity and sewer hookups are not provided so please plan accordingly.  Details regarding RV/Trailer registration for the 2018 Cycle NC Coastal Ride will be available in February 2018.  Check back for updated information.  The number of RV's allowed may be limited due to space availability.


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