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Mountain Ride Route Information

The 2017 Cycle NC Mountain Ride boasts some of the most beautiful and challenging cycling routes that one can find in Western North Carolina.  Road bikes, hybrids, tandems, trikes, etc. are all suitable for each day's routes.  Varying mileage options will range anywhere from 15 miles to 65 plus miles through the Western North Carolina Mountains will be offered.  
All routes will be fully supported with rest stops every 10-20 miles, Support And Gear vehicles (SAG’s), and the Cycling Spoken Here bike mechanics.  All routes are loop rides and will start and end at the Mountain Ride Campsite on Saturday & Sunday.  Routes will not be final until the staff make the last check one week prior to the event.  

Cycle NC Mountain Ride Route Hours:
Saturday:  7:30 am to 4:30 pm
Sunday: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

 More detailed info including route distances, rest stop info, elevation gains, etc. will be provided below once they have been confirmed. We will continue to tweak and improve these routes so all the information is subject to change. Download options for cue sheets and GPS links wll be available no later than the Monday prior to the start of the ride.  

We will provide the cue sheets and maps electronically to help make Cycle NC a more sustainable ride.  We will have a limited number of cue sheets available during the ride in case you lose your copy or it gets wet.  You will be able to download and print the cue sheets prior to arriving in Bryson

The route distances and elevations are subject to change as they continue to be adjusted to provide the most scenic and safe roads.

ROUTES Mileage Elevation Gain
Blue Route  Bryson City Route 12 596 feet 
Red Route:  Road to No Where Route 21 2,550 feet
Orange Route:  Lower Alarka Route 25 1,852 feet 
Yellow Route: Upper & Lower Alarka Route 37 2,861 feet 
White Route:  Needmoore Route 46 4,071 feet
Green Route:  Needmoore/Burningtown Route 65 5,295 feet 

ROUTE MILEAGES Mileage Elevation Gain
Orange Route:  East Deep Creek Route 10 637 feet 
Yellow Route: Dillsboro to Bryson City (includes Train Ride)  17 1,017 feet 
Blue Route:  Whittier Route 28 1,653feet 
Blue Route:  Dillsboro & Whittier Route (Includes Train Ride) 24 1,698 feet
Green Route: Cherokee/Blue Ridge Parkway Route 60 5,583 feet
Green Route:  Dillsboro/Cherokee/Blue Ridge Parkway Route (Includes Train Ride) 54  5,438 feet

Additional Route Information:
Cue Sheets:
Printed cue sheets featuring turn by turn instructions and an overview map will be available in the rider’s packet at check-in.  Directional signs along with road markings will also be located at each turn along the routes.  Route downloads for GPS devices will be available no later than the Monday prior to the start of the ride.  

Bike Mechanics
If you find your bike needs some assistance during the ride, the bike mechanics from 
Cycling Spoken Here bike shop will be at the start/finish and along each days routes.  
Support and Gear Vehicles (SAG) All the routes are fully supported with CNC vehicles to provide assistance to riders in need.  If you need help, pull off the road and pat the top of your head and they will stop to assist you. Personal SAG's are not allowed on the routes at any time.  

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