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Your Luggage During the Ride

Is this your first time riding with Cycle North Carolina?  Are you wondering how your luggage gets from one town to another?  Then you are in the right place.  Read below to learn how your luggage is transported from each town and waiting for you when you roll into campsite each day.

General Luggage Information: (For outdoor and indoor campers)

  1. If you are staying in hotels during the week, this section does not pertain to you.  Your luggage transportation details can be found at the bottom of this webpage.  Scroll down now.
  2. If you are camping, either outdoor tent camping or indoor camping, your luggage transport is included in your registration.  You do not need to sign up for Hotel Luggage Service and you will not receive a luggage tag at packet pickup/check-in.
  3. It is recommended that you have some form of identification located on your luggage in case it is accidentally misplaced, picked up by another rider or lost.  Be sure to include your name and a contact number where you can be reached during the ride.
  4. You are limited to two(2) bags (includes your tent/sleeping bag).  These two bags may not weigh more than 40lbs each.  Our luggage handlers are tough guys, but the heavier your bags are, the harder it gets after loading and unloading over 2,000 bags during the week.  
  5. Your luggage will be transported each day in a U-haul moving truck and your luggage must be loaded on the truck no later than 9:00 am each morning.  The luggage truck drivers will sound the horn at 8:45am each morning to warn you that you have 15 more minutes to load your luggage.
  6. Your luggage will be transported to the next town where it will then be unloaded.
  7. All trucks will be labeled in some sort of fashion (colored ribbon, flags, etc.) to make it easier for you to locate your luggage when you get into camp.  Make sure you pay attention to which truck you load your luggage on in the mornings. 
  8. In the event of inclement weather, the CNC Staff will make every effort to keep your luggage dry, but this may not be possible at some sites.  Plan accordingly (pack clothes and gear in large ziploc bags) as some gear may get wet during the week.   
  9. You may not strap, tie or affix anything to your luggage. 
  10. You may not pack any flammable or hazardous items in your luggage such as personal cook sets.
  11. Do not pack any glass bottles in your luggage as they may break during loading and unloading.  (it's happened before!)

Helpful Tips for Packing:

  • Duffel bags are the best for packing and for loading onto the luggage trucks.
  • Some riders will paint bright markings or have brightly colored ribbon on their luggage to help identify their luggage amongst the other bags.
  • Waterproof/resistant bags are also great.  Especially if it rains.
  • Pack your clothing in large plastic Ziploc baggies to prevent your clothes from getting wet.
  • Try to avoid bags with wheels or hard plastics handles.

General Luggage Information for those staying in hotels...(i.e. Hotel Luggage Delivery Service)

  1. If you are staying in hotels or b&b's during the ride and you want your luggage to be delivered to each locationl along the way, then you will need to purchase the "Hotel Luggage Delivery Service." 
  2. You will receive a luggage tag(s) at check-in that you will need to affix to your luggage.  To have your luggage tag(s) pre-printed with your lodging options, fill out the online Luggage Form by the announced deadline.
  3. Each morning you will need to leave your luggage in the lobby of the hotel by 8:30 am and a CNC Staff member will come by and pick up your luggage and deliver it to the next hotel no later than 4:00 pm.
  4. On your luggage tag, write a phone number where you can be reached during the ride in case your luggage is at camp, at the wrong hotel or lost but found.

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