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Support Vehicle Fees

Some riders like to share their Cycle North Carolina experience with friends or family members who do not bicycle.  CNC welcomes all friends, families and their support vehicles and CNC will do it's best to accommodate their needs.  However, we deal with very limited space in some of our host sites, which limits our capacity for rider support vehicles.

Cycle North Carolina will be requiring all support vehicles (RV's, Motor homes, trucks, truck/car with trailer, vans or car) that will be traveling along the route during the ride to register their vehicle. You will need to pick up your parking pass at check-in to be able to park at the campsites each day.  

Please note:  If you are parking your car for the week at any of the long term parking locations, you do not need to pay for this service.  It's only for vehicles traveling with the ride.

 The 2017 Personal/Support Vehicle Fees are as follows:

  • $25 for vehicles under 30 ft long
  • $35 for vehicles over 31 ft long

Alternate rotue directions will be available for download once the route has been announced.  Check back for updated details.  

2017 Non-Rider Alternate Route Directions

Important considerations to note about Personal Vehicles on Cycle North Carolina:

  • Vehicles must register - anyone accompanying a rider through the week in a vehicle must register their vehicle.
  • Non-Riders & Personal Vehicles are not allowed into the host camp site until 11:00 am.
  • Non-Riders - family or friends that will be traveling along in the support vehicles MUST be registered as a Non-Rider.
  • Non-riders and Personal Vehicles must drive alternate routes to each overnight location.  To enhance the safety of riders and their overall experience, alternate route directions will be provided to all Non-Riders that will be driving personal/support vehicles.
  • Personal/support vehicles are NOT allowed on the routes.
  • Quiet Hours - All support vehicles using generators must turn them off from 10pm to 6am daily to observe the campsite quiet hours


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