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Airport Arrival

So you are flying to Cycle NC?

The information below will provide detailed instructions for those that are traveling to North Carolina by air from out of state.  The instructions below are for anyone flying into the Raleigh-Durham Airport (RDU).  Anyone choosing to fly into airports other than RDU must make their own arrangements to get to the start of the ride.

Flying into the Raleigh-Durham Airport (RDU)

      If you are flying to Cycle NC and plan to take the bus transportation to the Start of the Ride, it is suggested that you arrive in Raleigh by Friday evening.  The host hotel for Raleigh is the Hampton Inn RDU Airport (919-462-1620).  

      If you are taking the bus from Cary to the start, that bus will depart from the Cycling Spoken Here bike shop on Saturday morning.  Free transportation from the Airport hotel to Cycling Spoken Here will be provided.  A CNC staff member will arrive at the hotel by 8:15am to pick up anyone needing transportation to the bus loading area at Cycling Spoken Here.  

If you require transportation from the hotel to Cycling Spoken Here, please call (919-361-1133) or fill out the online Sign Up Form to reserve your spot.  We'll also need to know if you will be flying with your bike.  If you prefer to ship your bike to the Cycling Spoken Here Bike Shop, then visit the "Bike Shipping" section for additional details on how and where to ship your bike.

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